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Night Sleeper, 1979 by Andrew Wyeth

I woke up one night and went downstairs, and there was my dog Nel with this strange expression on her face. I mad a drawing and a watercolor and a dry-brush - life-size just of her head. The idea kept building in my mind, and I began to make drawings of the Mill in the moonlight. Finally I got an eight-foot panel and decided to put in the other window with the view behind and the bag with the dog's mysterious treasures. Why do call it Night Sleeper? Because that patch of light reminded me of the sleeper trains I used to take to Maine when I was a child. This thing just grew. I had this enormous panel and kept on and on until it was used up. I didn't want a half thought; I wanted a whole one. People think it's half Pennsylvania, half Maine. It's actually Woodward farm in Chadds Fords, based on actuality but freed from any beginnings or ends. ”
- Andrew Wyeth